Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hello to December

say Hello to December. It's near. It's getting nearer! Many are saying yay! it's December. Waiting to finish thesis, projects, internship, Christmas, New Year and vacation. I felt I have done nothing. I mean I have no idea what have I studied since the semester started. Exam is coming so soon and this will be my last exam sitting for my tertiary studies before I enroll into professional studies. At the same time, I presume that I will be working as well in audit firm. Another hard work to do. Typing out my strong resume is tough. Urghh.. This is scary!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1. Test of Control
2. Substantive Test

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maximising Market Value of Company & Financial Management Decisions

Maximising market value of company securities is important to investors due to the risk and return relationship involve in the decision making on the investment. The return of a security price is the change in the price of the security. If the price of the security increases, the investors would need to secure more of the securities and likewise when the price reduces.

From the company point of view, company must also understand market efficiency because any decision making made by the company will result in information to the market. In financial management, there are three important decisions namely the financing decision, investment decision and the dividend decision.

Financing Decision

In financing decision, the choice between equity and debt will affect the overall cost of capital of the company. The cost of capital constitutes the cost of making use of capital from the market i.e. shareholders and lenders. If the market perceives the choice made by the company is less than desired it will increase their risk and as such news about the financing will be made available in the market. This will in turn affect the demand for the shares to reduce and likewise for the share price. A fall in a share price if not desired and the market being efficient will reduce the capitalization of the company.

Investment Decision

An investment decision will affect cash flow of the company. As such investors will perceive a risk because of their potential dividend receivable or interest receivable. The perception whether good or bad, in addition to market being efficient will be translated as market information that will affect again the share price of the company.

Financing decision has an impact on investment decision and so is investment decision on dividend decision.

Dividend Decision

Dividend decision or policy i.e. how much being paid out and retained will send a signal to the market in respect to the affairs of the company such as cash flow availability, future projects potential or future commitment of the company. This will directly affect the demand for the share and the capitalization.

Therefore, the understand of market efficiency is important to company’s financial managers because to maximise the value of the company security, the manager needs to make sure the above three decision are made correctly.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Determination of Share Price Movement

Investors observing patterns in stock market prices are known as technical analyst and chartist. They believe that there is a predictable pattern that moves overtime for the stock prices. The technical analysts also believe that they can earn abnormal profit if they timed their investment decision following the analysis of the pattern.

In the market efficiency hypothesis, investors believe that stock prices move in a random fashion i.e. prices in the market change with the availability of the information. There is no predictable pattern of the movements.

The technical analysis in this case is not consistent with the efficient market hypothesis this is because of the assumptions of the efficient market hypothesis. Firstly, EMH assume that the market possess the same available information as the information arrives. This enables the market to interpret quickly the available information to act in a consensus manner. In that case, it is impossible to earn abnormal profit among the investors.

The EMH, the strong form efficient efficiency the investors may only make abnormal profit if private information illegally obtained. In technical analyst, the private information about when prices will rise or fall may of little use in the EMH, mainly because the information is not encouraged. This form will be violated should the technical analyst is correct about the timing of the stock price movement.

The weak and semi-strong form efficiency will observe price movement with publicly available information and past information respectively and as such the prices move in a random manner.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I seems like having plenty of public holidays and time before this. I wanted to go somewhere else for vacation and it failed. Arghh... Left few more weeks before my finals of my final year. Time to be serious and start revision!

Audit Assertion


Classification and understandability
Rights and obligation

Based on the above assertions, the formula to remember these terms are by mentioning ACCA COVER. WOW! Isn't it amazing? Again, based on the assertions above, this is not the end but to ensure that all accounts such as revenue, assets, cash, etc are asserted in those terms so the auditor may be able to perform his/her job to express his/her opinion whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance to establish criteria/accounting framework and to report to the shareholders ultimately that the financial statements are prepared free from error and material misstatement/fraudulent.

Engagement Letter

Do not misunderstand me. I'm not talking about "marriage" but engagement letter by auditor. Just to remind myself that an engagement letter by auditor is a letter that provides a written agreement of terms of audit engagement between the auditor and management or those charged with governance. This is so to confirm there is an understanding of the terms of audit engagement between the auditor and management or those charged with governance and to avoid any misunderstanding in respect of audit work by the auditor. The matters covers in engagement letter include responsibility of auditor, responsibility of management, audit fee, the preparation of financial statements by management are prepared in accordance to the accounting framework, audit duration etc.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

WOW 2011!

New semester approached. This is my final year final semester. After January 2012, I'm done with my studies and it's time to look for job. Of course my resume or curricular vitae has to be ready before my graduation. I need prayers from all to ask God to sustain me and grant me strength to go through all obstacles in studies and in life. There are so much to think and to do.

the old has gone and the new has come. Can't believe it that the end of the year is approaching. It's really fast. I felt that I did not much. If given me a chance, I would go back and do something better and improve it. Life's brief candle..seen so many death and seen many new born. Seriously as I think look back, I missed those days back in 1990s where I need not to do much. But if there is no today, I won't see the light and I won't have this much people who care and not care. I also don't know how to evaluate. Whether ikhlas or tak ikhlas..hmm..well whatever it is.. I thank God for His faithfulness and new every morning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Cheesy Pimp

The Cheesy Pimp

RM 190


This chic 10" sling laptop bag with Crumpler embroidery on the outside cover comes with a variety of colours for your pick. The main compartment stores notebook and Ipad, has 3 auxiliary pockets to store mobile devices and still has space for your documents and books. The front of bag has a zipper pocket. The cover is fastened close using 2 velcro pads and 2 buckles. The broad and adjustable shoulder strap comes with shoulder pad. Material of bag is canvas with satin fabric lining the inside.

Bag suitable as agive away present for special occassions.

Approx. dimension : - 25 (h) x 30(l) x 14 (t) cm

Prime Mover

Prime Mover

RM 170


Description: Super soft and shiny Neoprene combined with Original 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme™
hyper performance accessory fabric
> Waterproof Ripstop Lining
> Large zipped internal pocket
> Built-in organiser with 4 card slots
> Stretchable mesh slip pocket
> 2 neoprene slip pockets and a pen
> Adjustable shoulder strap with single Hand Buckle™ and removable shoulder pad
Used as sling or over the shoulder look.

Available colours: Black, orange, dark brown or light green
Dimension: 43.5 (l) x 36.5 (Max. height) x 12.5 (t) cm

Pornolli Backpack

Pornolli Backpack

RM 200


Neatly designed back pack which looks like half barrel with top truncated at an angle when fully stuffed. The zipper cover has gauzed zip pocket on the inside. The main compartment has 3 auxiliary gauze pockets for your mobile devices and 2 big pockets, one of which is to store 15" laptop. The 'barrel' shape has extra space to keep your personal belongings for light travelling. One zipper pocket is provided at one side of bag. Back of bag comes with one hanging strap and pad air-mesh. Broad and adjustable shoulder straps with air-mesh padding and clip-on holders.

Material: Good quality canvas lined with satin fabric on the inside.

Approx. Dimensions: 20 (height at front)x 43 (height at back) x 33(w) cm

Colour: Dark brown with either red or yellow lining.

Cheesy Laptop Backpack

Cheesy Laptop Backpack

RM 250


Description: A backpack that makes you stand out from the crowd. Takes on a half egg shape when fully stuffed and together with the bag vertical pattern lines creates a striking pose. It is equally functional, for within the main compartment: a separate pocket for laptop/Ipad storage; a gauzed pocket with zipper; and plenty of space for documents and personal belongings; turn over flap on zipper. At the bag front are 2 side pockets with vertical and neatly concealed zippers. Hanging strap at top of bag and air-mesh padding on the back of bag and wide adjustable shoulder straps provided.

Material: Good quality canvas on the outside and satin finished fabric lined the inside. 2 available colours;Red colour with white linings and inside lined with black fabric OR black with orange linings and inside lined with purple fabric.

Approx. dimension: 40(w) x 46(h) x 18(t) cm

The Dark Side - Soft Skin

The Dark Side - Soft Skin

RM 210


Trendy and practical laptop back packs. These 4 designs are of soft skin canvas. The bag has main compartment which houses a removable laptop folder and gauzed and zipper pockets for systematic storage. Ample space is available for other mobile devices. At left side of bag, a small zipper pocket appropriate to keep hand-phone is provided.

Padded air-mesh forms back part of bag and a hanging strap is provided at the top. Broad adjustable shoulder straps provide comfort to body.

Material: Soft good quality canvas on the outside and lined internally with satin fabric.

Approx. dimension: 32 (w) x 45 (h) x 17 (t) cm

The Dark Side - Hard Skin

The Dark Side - Hard Skin

RM 210


Trendy and practical laptop back packs. These 2 designs are of hard skin canvas. The bag has main compartment which houses a removable laptop folder and gauzed and zipper pockets for systematic storage. Ample space available for other mobile devices. At front and one side of bag are small zipper pockets appropriate for hand-phones.

Padded air-mesh forms back part of bag and a hanging strap is provided at the top. Broad adjustable shoulder straps provide comfort to body.

Material: Good quality canvas on external and internally lined with satin fabric.

Available colours: Black external and yellowish green internal; Brown external and milky white internal

Approx. dimensions: Black - 34 (w) x 45 (h) x 19 (t) cm; Brown - 32 (w) x 50 (h) x 17 (t) cm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"I have told you these things so that you will be filled with My joy. Yes, your joy will overflow"

John 15:11
For the body of Christ to function as God intended, the church must:
- Realize that God places a unique calling on men
- Challenge men to lead strongly as they live selflessly
- Teach men that true strength is found in godly surrender

Regina Franklin

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Friday, June 17, 2011

deep thought

13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

re-blogged from Wy Lyn. Found it very significant and is a good verse to ponder. There are so many situations in life we faced each day and this particular verse is not only apply on fighting situations or quarrels and so on. It has so much to mean to you, you, you and you to ponder and view it in other perspective so that you may reflect whether you yourself have forgive others and we are taught not to hold any grudges. So why not just let it go?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a practical person and need ample of time to prepare my work. Even in preparing to lead in worship, I need time. It is not good to simply choose songs and just sing it during worship session; this show you are not prepared and not worshiping God sincerely. The bible says, worship God in spirit and in truth. Where is the TRUTH? Again what I learned throughout the camp is that being a worship leader wearing a mask on stage and take off the mask whenever I'm not on stage. That's hypocrite isn't it. The way I live my life does not reflect what I should on stage to lead the congregation to worship God in spirit and in truth. Seriously I can't face the holiness of God whenever I'm wearing a mask. Preparation is much needed and attitude as well. Moreover there are so much burden I'm carrying do not know how to put down. Been serving too many ministry which keep me imbalance and least focus on the WORD of God. Please help me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rushing for assignments. As you can see, the rushing you are, the messy it is. Basically two more to go before I declare my HOLIDAY! Can't procrastinate anymore. Someone please encourage me and push me and make me smile everyday so that I can have peace and happiness to concentrate on my assignment and give my best. Would you? =D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

at this point of time I think there is high market demand on following items: ice cream, watermelon, 100plus/7up revive also as known as isotonic drinks. Why is this so? This is because the unpredictable weather is getting hotter and hotter each day. It's hard for those who sleep with air cond. In fact think bout the people who sleep without air cond; they suffered 100% more than us I think. I woke up with my body sweating with air cond. Can't you imagine how hot is it outside? No rain for quite sometimes. We need rain now. Is musim kemarau melanda in Malaysia? Lets look back at those demanded items, don't you think that the producers earning big bucks now?hahahaha. Business people, think of similar items to substitute them at this point of time. But will this be long term drought?

Monday, May 02, 2011

As morning dawns
and evening fades

Both pictures were taken in the morning when I was on the way to uni and evening after class on the way back home. All these scenery are nice! In fact, we often complain so hot so humid and the bright is so bright especially in the afternoon and very romantic when the sunrise and sunset. Having routine life all these time. I am kind of tired with these. I can't wait to graduate and I can't wait to be in relationship. I know I'm desperate, who doesn't? I shall just wait patiently and to persevere. I would like to share my life with someone (companion) and walk her to the beach or accompany her to see sunrise or sunset. ROMANTIC isn't it? OK OK I KNOW I KNOW!WAIT WAIT!


with this picture, as I look at it, there were few thoughts came into my mind. One of it is pretty obvious where everyone has same thought as me when you see this picture isn't it? I wish I was holding someone's hand while walking along the beach. Not so soon I know and it seems like telling me DREAM ON LA!..People often think that I am little moody or sometimes emo and not romantic at all. Well..I often day dreaming too! New house, a family live together with children and mother. Warm family isn't it? patiently waiting these dreams come tru. PERSEVERANCE and KEEP IT UP are also the keys..

Sunday, May 01, 2011


my favorite bible verse..I was very encouraged after reading this verse. Hope this encourage you too!

11I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, April 30, 2011

a question that I would like to ask everyone and to myself before you start relationship..are you ready to share your life with someone?hmmm still thinking!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Post-moterm (Gratitudes)

Can you imagine yourself that you were waiting for your result to be released? My experience was after the final examination sitting, I was waiting the result to come out after a month or two AT LEAST. It didn't come out until 3 days ago. Was afraid of my result that couldn't sustain my scholarship. In fact, with these, boleh cari makan and I am able to maintain it! Still got one more semester to go and graduate by early of year 2012 by God's will. I am kind of an impatient guy or maybe "kiasu" just like can't wait for the result to release. I thank God for giving me this result and also would like to express my gratitude to my beloved friends who have been praying for me (requested by me). People around me have supported me well in physical, emotion, and spiritual and I was encouraged. I would love to have all of your continuance support and encouragement. Special thanks to lecturers (Mr.Sum, Mr.Chow, Mr.Kumar & Mr.Veerapan) who have been patient with my annoyance (asking too much silly questions, out of topic and so on) and guided me well. All praise and glory and honor to GOD!HALLELUJAH!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

Audit Assertion


Classification and understandability
Rights & Obligations

Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm Desperate For Love!

I'm Desperate For Love!
By Sandra Chin

In my lifetime, I’ve done more talks on relationships than I could ever have. While some students gloat in pride that they’ve heard it all, they seem to take off to another route once reality hits, totally abandoning all their knowledge and promises just because they feel they are in love with “THE” person.

If you are one of those seriously thinking of getting hitched because you feel it’s time, I’ve listed a few pointers below. They are not exhaustive and I do not include aspects such as intimacy but you may find them helpful to consider in order to experience God’s best life.

You Are Complete
Just because Eve was made from Adam’s side, you don’t have to go around searching for your lost rib to be complete. You are complete in Christ and being perfected everyday. When you marry, you compliment each other and make the ONENESS in marriage a strong foundation. If you still haven’t found a partner, you are more than capable of living a successful and happy life without crying out, “I’m so lonely, nobody loves me, I’m gonna eat some worms!”. Stop that nonsense, enjoy your single-hood, have lots of good friends and live life to the fullest because happiness is not dependent on having a husband or wife. It is dependent on what you make of it, even while you are still single.

Love Not Lust
Every time someone says, “I love that girl or guy”, I wonder if it means “I lust after him or her”. “Come on, are you saying we’re incapable of loving?” No, in fact we are made in such a creative way where we want to give love and to receive love. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It is nurtured, unconditional, unselfish and sets boundaries. An individual needs to examine his or her motives i.e., lacking family love, insecurity, peer pressured or sheer impatience. Love fuels integrity and is patient to wait without demanding.

Take Your Time
What’s the hurry? Enjoy pure, inspiring and educational guy/girl relationships without the attraction signals coming on. Learning to communicate with the opposite sex is a skill in itself. It is developed over time so you just get better. It’s so fun to be able to talk and spend time together in a group rather than pair off and isolate yourselves. Leave the excitement of romance and wanting to belong to someone outside and keep to building strong friendships that last. Only time will tell whether this particular person is whom God is leading you to. Don’t just dive in. It may be shallow and you’ll end up wounding yourself.

Romance Evangelism
Cut the crap about evangelising the other party because he or she is not in the faith. Lead him or her to the Lord, not to yourself. How many times have we heard someone say, “Oh, but I love him/her... so how?” No matter how much you feel attracted to that person and can’t live without him or her, don’t mix your priorities. Evangelism means reaching people to know God, not fall in love with them. If you can’t handle your feelings, always try to arrange for a group of friends to befriend him/her and let evangelism work from there. Meanwhile, be true to your God who will never short change you.

There must be mutual respect between the parties. Ladies, you need to respect the man you are marrying because he will be the head of the home. If you can’t respect him, you’ll end up running the whole show. That’s domineering in nature - bad move. Guys, respect the ladies so that you don’t take advantage of her. And if you do - it’s chauvinistic.

Develop Yourself

If you’re not currently involved, take the season of your single-hood as a time of self-development. Having vision for your life and developing yourself intellectually and spiritually is important. If you spend all your time worrying about who you will marry, when, why not, etc., you will eventually find that you've lost precious time on mere questions and fears. Instead, aim to be useful and productive everyday. If you are pursued, you wouldn’t just date every Tom or Jackie that comes your way because you already know what you want. Keep your standards high and either wisely turn the person down or decide to prayerfully pursue the possibilities.

If you can take so much trouble to research on which college to enroll in, how much more a life-partner. Pray and commit your desires to God. Let Him bring you to that person.

When you do find the dream person of your life, it is pure bliss. Marriage is sweet even when you learn to adjust to the differences. However, the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time will cause you to stumble and thinking that marriage is not for you. Therefore, carefully tread the fragile surface of relationships and you will find you

Thursday, March 31, 2011

why are there still organisation using telemarketing as marketing tool? Don't you think the method is too old and no longer effective? It showing you are desperate to sell your product and services which gives people a bad impression towards the organisation. Can any stakeholders that can exercise significant influence to scrap this old method or tool? It's annoying and irritating..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Food for Thought

I found something interested from the net.

How to Win Competitions and Free Stuff

How to Win Competitions and Free Stuff


My name is Rebecca and I'm a 29-year-old comper (person addicted to the sight, sound and smell of competitions). In recent years, I have won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, including trips to Tokyo Disneyland and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, two DVD box sets of "Sex and the City" (in separate competitions -- what can I say? I really did get "Carried" away), a $1000 Westfield shopping spree and a year's supply of toilet paper!

The addiction begins slowly, you see, and before you know it, takes hold.

For me it all started in university. I was broke, staring at my dismal wardrobe and wondering how to earn some additional income. I already worked two part-time jobs. Then it dawned on me. There were competitions on the Internet, radio, TV, in magazines and supermarket aisles... most places, really. Every day of the week, ordinary lucky schmucks out there were winning cars, holidays and cash. I could be a lucky schmuck. I was already a schmuck, so I was halfway there.

As I am also an incurable Intermernetz geek, I concentrated on web competitions and Googled "competitions" and "win". I was dumbfounded by how many promotions sprang up. I entered everything I could when not working or studying. It was fun -- I loved solving puzzles, playing games and writing poems and having the chance to win prizes for my efforts.

The glorious day came. A month or two after I began my prize quest a letter arrived in the post. I had won a $200 Kookai voucher. It had begun.

Looking back, comping has opened up my world to some extraordinary experiences. I have appeared in a screaming competition (when I was on holiday in Sydney -- strangely enough most entrants were out-of- towners), completed a Mission Impossible scavenger hunt and learnt how to do action movie 180 degree turns in a Mini driving course. When people hear about my latest win, they shake their heads and ask how I won. Well, in the interests of purging my soul and confessing my wins, I'll let you in on the secrets to success...


There are two main types of competitions -- those won by skill and those drawn at random. By far the majority of my wins have been from competitions requiring skill, usually "25 words or less" entries. You know the ones: "Explain why you would like to win in 25 words or less" or "Tell us your funniest childhood memory in 25 words or less". So many people are intimidated by this type of entry, thinking it's too hard and they won't be able to think of anything original. Well, they're also the reasons why you should enter. Legions of other potential entrants will be scared off and you'll have a better shot at the prize.


You may have noticed my awful tendency to pun at the slightest provocation. It's an occupational hazard for compers -- we look for puns to make on the product or brand and weave them into a witty little ditty or one-liner. The judges want to see an original poem, slogan or answer that represents their company in a positive light. They are looking for a happy, fun winner. Give them this and they'll be your bestest friend.


Seek out pint-sized competitions run by small businesses down the road trying to get off the ground, tiny newspapers and obscure web sites. Their prizes can be surprisingly tasty and how many other entrants do you think they'll have? A handful? A dozen? You're in with a sporting chance. Alternatively, some competitions offer a cubic truckload of small prizes (ever seen promotions where you can win one of 1000 movie tickets?). It's like taking candy from a baby, or rather, movies from a kind corporate benefactor.


Quickly scan the terms and conditions to discover how many entries will be accepted per person. It may be only once, or (oh, happy days!) once per day or week, or even (oh, joy and rapture!!) unlimited. Now get cracking and enter like it's going out of style.


Close cousins to competitions, there are plenty of freebies on offer. Think samples of new coffee varieties, tins of cat food, perfume, cosmetics and feminine hygiene products. Good things come in small packages, and in this case in the mail and without requiring you to win a thing. You can even create your own freebies -- write to the potato chip, soft drink or any other company of your choosing, entertain them with a lively letter making a suggestion for a new product or critiquing an existing one and wait for the sweet, sweet goodies to roll in.


Some compers will buy 60 packets of dehydated beetroot in the name of winning an iPod or other juicy prize. The trouble is, they are then left with mountains of very un-juicy (and unappealing) beetroot, which they secret away onto their shelf (/cupboard/warehouse) of shame where they stick any excess items bought in an over-zealous competition campaign. If you're paying out more money than you're likely to win, it's gambling, not entering competitions. Avoid the shame shelf and only purchase promotional items you would otherwise want or are likely to use. You'll feel better for it in the morning. Trust me.


You don't need a leprechaun's pot of gold, lucky rabbit's foot or repeat mystical chants to be lucky. Winning is all in the maths. The more competitions you enter and the more entries you drop in each entry barrel, the more likely you are to win, but the attraction to entering competitions as a hobby is not just winning glorious prizes, it's the anticipation of winning. It feels like Christmas Eve every day, hoping for gifts tomorrow. Keep on entering and it'll be Christmas in no time.

One of the best features of Femail has, for me, always been the gorgeous competitions and giveaways. As every Femail loves her free stuff.


Rebecca Doyle

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whatever it Takes

"It takes two to say I do"


One unit of Messenger Boy half Photo (Limited Design) was sold today and had a great deal with my customer. He was very satisfied with the product. As it is cute and pretty cool. He bought this for his special girl's birthday. This adds value to the product where it's not only cute and cool but sweeeet! Thank you for support XD wish you both have a sweet and good relationship..

Messenger Boy half Photo (Limited Design)
Not only cute and trendy on the outside but also versatile. Stores camera on the lower compartment and laptop at the top compartment.
Price: RM320



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life will never easy when you get in to degree especially in accounting and finance field. I hope my efforts pay off. I'm seriously struggling right now in year 3 being a final year student. The passes with credits especially with second honour will determine my scholarship is worth and also my exemptions from the professional body (ACCA). I somehow didn't like accounting when I was in secondary school. I think I've mentioned before. In fact as I grow, I think I can't do much in pure arts, where I can't draw or design. So this is the only way that I can go. As time passed, I in love with accounting not only that but tax and audit. I really hope I can go trough all these obstacles and challenges that I have in this final year. God please help me by strengthen me with Your power.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More Crumplers!!!

Sunday Brunch
Description: Front of this mini sling bag bears the chic Crumpler design. Cover close using 2 velcro pads. Inside of bag has 1 zipper pocket.
Dimension/size: Approx. 7" x 11.5"
Price RM95

Sunday Brunch (SE) - NEW ARRIVAL
Description: Comprised of main compartment and auxiliary zipper pocket at front. Additional pockets is provided in main compartment.
Dimension/size: Approx. 230mm x 300mm
Colour: Greenish Black

After Glory - NEW ARRIVAL
Decription: Comprised of main compartment and auxiliary zipper pocket at front. Both contains additional pockets
Dimmension/size: Approx. 230mm x 320mm

- front view -
- inside view-

Pretty Boy 7500
Trendy and heavily padded sling camera bag with main compartment for camera boy, flash and lens. Front pocket for accessories.
Price: RM199

- front view -
- interior/inside view -

Slippy Fish
Description: If you like the long bag with the laptop in standing position, this is just the bag for you. Zipper pocket at the front. Inside has 3 big pockets and 2 gauzed pockets.
Colour: Maroon
Price: RM210