Sunday, June 13, 2010

As I dealing with 'Balanced Scorecard' (BSC) originated by Kaplan and Norton, it is not only for company to measure it performances or personal scorecard in company. In fact, we can use it to measure your own life. It's not easy to measure and it's complicated. Why? Because human are more complicated than companies. The 4 'quadrants'or perspectives that author developed it may be useful in company but not in human. Therefore we human can design our own performance measure system and claim as IN-HOUSE Balaced Scorecard.

I did not use it fully. But I felt that my mission and vision drawn by my mindset may not come true. Why? Because my vision is so not going to happen. Some experts would say that to be going concern company, you must have mission and vision to develop strategies and use BSC to measure and it may translate to organization strategic goal which help to implement strategies. Oh well.. This means I don't know how to develop good strategies. Argument here is that will mission and vision drawn can be successfully achieved by following the strategies? Sometimes our vision that we set may fail because it's not realistic at all. My mom always say why think so far?why want to think about the future?why you like to dream so much? "I don't even want to think what will happen in future" said my mom. Without dream or goals, how would you want to achieve what you want to achieve? Better don't become human.urghh

This is so disturbing! On the bright sight, maybe this is what the CIMA Strategic Scorecard developed, 'Strategic Options'. There are options in life, if you can't do this choose another one and invest. How? In corporate world, they may use capital budgeting or investment appraisal. But for human?how? How to appraise the person to be your life time partner? Very hard! Harder than use NPV and IRR as tool to appraise. Maybe I should look deeper? I don't know! I should change my vision by choosing another option. Then how to implement it? And how to measure the risk? Adoi.. Balanced Scorecard sangat susah so to human 'BSC'.. It's very complicating!~