Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Residential Bible School 2007 (Brace Yourself)
In the beginning
Daily Schedule
my nice bed.snapped after woke up
my journal
book that i read during RBS
injured oh..do I look pale?
injured still can smile n take picture.ish..thx to Leong Eng who kindly be my tukang urut everynite..hahaha
Christina,me n Juan
apahal nie?
me and my old best friend Christina
friends that I've made
wow.what a smile
nice pose huh
up on the hill
is that principle in the middle?
just finished my cough mixture and take pic with Wy Lyn and Chris
me and Colin yang sejati
last day with aunt Kam Yoke's food
the one who declared that I'm the joker and he himself is a joker hahaha...btw his name is andrew

late late late..now only want to post up RBS photos.tsk tsk tsk..still got alot of pic.just chose selected..RBS 2007 ROCKS!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

well may intake is coming..and I've decided.
I've made a big decision in my life so far..
sigh..my heart said is too early for me..
ppl around said is too late for u...
i prayed bout it..and so far a hint from
my adviser which is go..wow..i have to go liao..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Taxi driver: I'm so sorry, I didn't turn the meter on, so I don't know how much should I charge you...
Ah Ling: Never mind, actually I didn't bring any money out, so I don't know how to pay you..
Taxi driver: ...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Danny:Daddy can we get a curtain to cover our computer?
Daddy:No son.the computer don't need to be covered
Danny:Why not?The computer got WINDOWS mah...
and the cry of my heart is to be with you,
what love is this?i kept thinking..
will all these last forever?am i wasting time of
not letting go?keep on asking myself why?how?so what?
arghhh! I'm so mess with all these..all is just communication!

people kept thinking whether i will cry or not?
i really don't know how to answer.it depends anyway...
somehow I'm that person whose little tear on my eye (wet eye)
whenever I'm blushing.hahaha maybe I'm too dark can't see my
blushing face...

days go by,everything seems to be changed..well every second things are changing..
appreciate the one beside you before it too late...

anyway what am I talking about actually???I have no idea what am I talking also..
*blur* just crapz nie la...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

started working 2days ago at MPH Glad Sounds in MidValley. so far so good not much business there, just opened 1 receipt cost RM200. sit there and rounding for Christian books. so called quite free la. got time to read book summore. hmm not bad not bad but just work for 6hours nie...anyway nothing much happen around me these days...hehehe
Predictors - Helping to mold our future
Reminders - Showing us that we cannot succeed alone
Opportunities - Pulling us out of ruts and prompting us to think creatively
Blessings - Opening doors we would otherwise not go through
Lessons - Providing instruction with each new challenge
Everywhere - Telling us that no one is excluded from difficulties
Messages - Warning us about potential disaster
Solvable - Reminding us that every problem has a solution