Monday, September 30, 2013

Have not been updating my blog for quite some time. A blink of eye, one year has coming to an end, where I have been working for almost a year. I was busy with my work since June until mid of August due to peak season of my auditing field. I learned a lot from this peak where I am able to see full picture on the process of auditing. Well, if you would to ask me whether is it time for me to move on to another firm or to another specialisation which is taxation. My answer is not at the moment and will start planning after my second peak so that I am able to learn more such as amalgamation accounts and consolidated accounts. In this field, people come-people go, and this is a norm. Relationship with colleague is just like a nightmare! Why? There is a person who really can't stop to win the conversation, ability, power, knowledge, skills and etc. All said and mentioned are bull and don't make any sense to me. Seriously, God has never fail to put person I dislike for me to dealt with so that I can learn to love thy neighbour as yourself and to love because He first love me. Well, guess I have to bear with this matter and learn to be patience and gentle and create peace.

Does the picture relate to the above writing? No, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank Felicia and AiLyn for getting me this note book as my birthday present. They have been my support in my hunger for God's words. Learnt a lot from them in many aspects and I am looking forward to learn more and to change myself to be a Christian who is able to shine for His glory!

Move on, I am taking Governance, Risk and Ethics P1 this coming December. Been doing my reading and hope can pass this paper without any complications.

What have I learned from the past few months? I would to say in life, whether christian or non-christian, we should stop whining and hold on to gratitude you will be more happy and less stress. Stop grumbling and start to calm yourself down to make peace to one another. Life would be much easier and happier.

p/s: all glory and praise unto to the Lord!