Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I've not been writing lately due to my laziness. Today, I decided to write something before the year comes to an end in few more days. I have now attached or rather stepped my foot into the working world. It's not easy as last time due to competency and also professionalism required in my field. I was trying so hard to get a job from the field that I wanted. Here and there and no one accept me due to my results and competency. Finally I got a place in Bangsar and I'm now working as an auditor. Not so much with the position, merely an audit associate or junior in a charted accounting firm. I'm here to learn and gain as much experience as I can at this point in time. Maybe 3 years later I shall move on. I started not long ago and now I start to complain here and there. My field is BORING! I guess the rest who are in their own career also face the same thing with me because everyday do the same thing which as known as routine work. Seriously in future if I would be a father to my children, I will teach them to be contented of what they have and how much we parents work just to support the family. It's not easy to be in working life. Strength and motivation needed most of the time to sustain my mentality to carry on. Audit is a good foundation where all accounting students should lay for the first few years to gain experience. However, to build a good foundation is not easy as most people think. I'm trying my best to build the foundation so that my future road will be easy to walk. I'm not saying the road will be smooth all the way; however, with the spirit of perseverance and faith with God, everything will be possible. Whether or not I like the job is depends on how I think and look at it. I would like to conclude that life is not all about working, future and fun but ultimately, God is the source where everyone should call upon to sustain their life to gain much joy in their life and also a LIFE.