Wednesday, December 29, 2010

this is my exam timetable. 4 days straight back to back...oh Lord grant me Your strength..amen

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LOLshow...not laugh out loud but Life On Line!

Recently, I found out that my mom started listening to FLY.Fm. Can you imagine an old Chinese woman listening to FLY.Fm an English radio channel rather than those Chinese channel like MY.Fm or One.Fm and etc. I think she wants to be young!hahahaha.. It was her customer helped her to tune in to FLY.Fm. Now my turn, recently, I found this LOLshow hosted by John Lim, David Lian, David Wang, Niki Cheong.

It wasn't that bad after all. Frankly speaking I have no radio in my car and I don't want to touch the old junk radio that my mom own where she listening to. So the only way I can connect to radio is through online. In fact, I found this LOLshow. The episode 11 talks about social networking in cyber world like twitter. I discovered something new called google wave or noob..Information very sufficient and quite funny.hahahaha...

I would like to take this opportunity to request that I would like to stand this chance to win LOLshow Christmas Giveaway which is....***drum roll***drum roll*** it's Blackberry Curve 3G! What so sweeet to talk about or mention to this Blackberry? I had a dinner organized by my pastor and one of the dessert was 'fiber fruit' which is dry blackberry. And I would like to mention bout this real Blackberry Curve 3G, it basically as sweet as the 'blackberry' from Kirkland, United States.hahahaha..hope this would be my best Christmas gift for the year 2010!!

Come on...tune in to LOLshow

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!see ya!~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

what an one way feeling love story started since TARC and become two ways feeling of relationship after graduating for 3 year.a 10 years relationship being together and now both of them have unite as one to share their lives with each other for life. Now I'm thinking when is my turn hahaha..congrats cousin brother and cousin sis-in-law Tan Eng Kuan & Cyndi Ooi!may both of you be blessed to have a baby soon!hahaha..congrats!