Thursday, August 25, 2011

WOW 2011!

New semester approached. This is my final year final semester. After January 2012, I'm done with my studies and it's time to look for job. Of course my resume or curricular vitae has to be ready before my graduation. I need prayers from all to ask God to sustain me and grant me strength to go through all obstacles in studies and in life. There are so much to think and to do.

the old has gone and the new has come. Can't believe it that the end of the year is approaching. It's really fast. I felt that I did not much. If given me a chance, I would go back and do something better and improve it. Life's brief candle..seen so many death and seen many new born. Seriously as I think look back, I missed those days back in 1990s where I need not to do much. But if there is no today, I won't see the light and I won't have this much people who care and not care. I also don't know how to evaluate. Whether ikhlas or tak ikhlas..hmm..well whatever it is.. I thank God for His faithfulness and new every morning.