Sunday, April 28, 2013

ini kalilah!ubah!

I don't consider myself a person who is strongly involve in politics. In fact, I have my own stand and expectations of how a good governance should be in the administration. From my view point as business and accounting graduate, we RAKYAT are the major shareholders of the country. Not only the present citizens but their future, their next generations are the shareholders of the country. We elect directors (government) to help us to run the country in bringing benefits to us. A good governance has to be transparent in the first place. They are accountable to each and everyone of us here as citizen the warganegara Malaysia. There are so many injustice in the country, abused of power, corruptions, crimes, and many more. As rakyat Malaysia, I have a right and everyone who is genuine warganegara Malaysia have right to change the directors and elect new one to be in office to help us for a better future. We don't want to have rubbish and dirt in this country by giving the rakyat illogical answers. I want to prevent crime to happen not to reduce crime! See the difference? If I elect you to be member of parliament, you would to implement a policy where the whole town is monitored by the CCTV and when crime happen you "tangkap dia". Are you bullshiting or what? I want to have a member of parliament to implement policy to prevent crime not wait things to happen only tangkap! Therefore, I decided to change and wanting to have a better future for the country and for the rakyat! This is only to give a peace and harmony to the country when the rakyat are living happily without worries! Well of course, no one is perfect in this world but hope for a better. I again say, I'm not hoping for a perfect but for a better! Ini kalilah!