Saturday, December 28, 2013

She is one of my dinner mates after my work on Friday night. We had great time together during the dinner table and have been encouraging each other not only in moral support but in spiritual support as well. Time past so quickly that she has to leave Kuala Lumpur and back to Penang. As she is still in the midst of waiting the outcome of the universities offer in Australia and making decision whether or not to stay back in Malaysia to continue her studies, I pray that God to show and lead her the way in according to His will on which university to be enrolled. Ai Lyn..may the Lord continue to show you the path and guide you in all things you do.  May you also to continue to seek His will in all things you do! Take care and God bless! =)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Care group outing to Sg. Lembing was the great one that I ever had. We were able to see God's wonderful creation in this place. How on earth that someone could say all these were created through big bang? They just deny the existence of God. Took one day off just to see these beautiful scenery was well worth! We should do it at least once a year. Reached the cottage almost 11pm. Slept early and got ourselves ready for the journey to see the rainbow waterfall. Tourists commented this place is a beautiful place where we are able to see multiple rainbow at once. We took a 4 wheel to transport us to one point and hike up to the waterfall. Reached the waterfall after a hike at approx 45mins. We could only see one rainbow instead multiple when we reached. Somehow I managed to see two rainbows at the same time and I was in between the rainbow. I see true colours! 

This reminds me Genesis 9:13-17 and it says I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

As it is written, rainbow is symbolise covenant that made between God and mankind. We often doubt God's power. For example, we prayed so hard for the coming exam and study so hard for it. Result coming out in a week or so.. We start to doubt, whether or not God will give us As' or even pass the exam? So where is our faith since we have prayed and trust God will make the ways. Basically this is our human tendency to doubt. It's actually a choice for us to make whether to have faith or not. In fact, we should have faith in Him at all time. He will never fail us, he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be humble and come near to Him and He will come near to you. Be humble before the Lord and He will lift you up! Remember that God Himself through Jesus Christ has fulfilled all the prophecies in the old testament. It's a promise that God will not one anyone to be perished but to have eternal life. The great promise has fulfilled why not our little tiny requests? Wait.. This does not mean that everything we ask God will give. He will only provide to those who ask according to His will. So what is His will? We can't add to God's glory and He doesn't need us. That all is given too us and it is up to Him if want to initiate something in our lives. So when we say, God we want to do Your will. Do you think we are doing something that pleases God? We need to be careful that it is not thinking that God needs us to carry out His plans. In fact, God is the one who initiates the move and speak to us when he wants to use us. Indeed what we should do is to be humble and let Him speaks and works in us. Are we humble enough? Are we there to be still and listen to what He want to say to us? All in all, He is the hope of all the earth, and all of us are rest assure in His great love!

Isn't this picture on the left nice? Coincidently took it with my random shot. How nice to bring another half to be there right? I always thinking of you wherever I go especially these nice and beautiful God's creation. The song by Trademark has this to say, but I believe for you and me, the sun will shine one day. So I'll just play my part and pray you'll have a change of heart. Yes, I write this and I meant it. The early morning of the last day of trip, we went for a climb to panorama hill called 林明山. Thought it was an easy trail and it wasn't. Climb for less than 10 minutes my foot wanted to give up. If I give up easily means I am a looser and have achieve nothing. Therefore, I put myself up and encourage myself that I should not give up easily same as to life and all situations. Perseverance is always the key to success and of course with God's power and strength. Well I made it and to the peak I have conquered in climbing the hill though with many stops and rest. It's truly worth it that through out the whole trip, I learned a lot. You think my chapter just end here? I can tell you that this is only a beginning. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Have not been updating my blog for quite some time. A blink of eye, one year has coming to an end, where I have been working for almost a year. I was busy with my work since June until mid of August due to peak season of my auditing field. I learned a lot from this peak where I am able to see full picture on the process of auditing. Well, if you would to ask me whether is it time for me to move on to another firm or to another specialisation which is taxation. My answer is not at the moment and will start planning after my second peak so that I am able to learn more such as amalgamation accounts and consolidated accounts. In this field, people come-people go, and this is a norm. Relationship with colleague is just like a nightmare! Why? There is a person who really can't stop to win the conversation, ability, power, knowledge, skills and etc. All said and mentioned are bull and don't make any sense to me. Seriously, God has never fail to put person I dislike for me to dealt with so that I can learn to love thy neighbour as yourself and to love because He first love me. Well, guess I have to bear with this matter and learn to be patience and gentle and create peace.

Does the picture relate to the above writing? No, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank Felicia and AiLyn for getting me this note book as my birthday present. They have been my support in my hunger for God's words. Learnt a lot from them in many aspects and I am looking forward to learn more and to change myself to be a Christian who is able to shine for His glory!

Move on, I am taking Governance, Risk and Ethics P1 this coming December. Been doing my reading and hope can pass this paper without any complications.

What have I learned from the past few months? I would to say in life, whether christian or non-christian, we should stop whining and hold on to gratitude you will be more happy and less stress. Stop grumbling and start to calm yourself down to make peace to one another. Life would be much easier and happier.

p/s: all glory and praise unto to the Lord!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

For the past few months, I've been spending my time with her for meals, shopping and etc. In fact, where every moment I spent with her is a moment I really treasure in my life. Since then, I have decided to start praying to God and ask Him for direction whether she is the right one for me. It took me a long time and huge courage to tell her I love her and ask would she be my girl. I have not done this before in my life facing a girl that I really love and to tell her my feeling towards her. Yes. I've done my part and the rest I left it to God to decide. This time I was really serious about this relationship where I asked her to pray together with me and ask God for direction and consider me with His wisdom whether we both are meant to be together in terms of sharing our lives together, to be the other half of life.


My feelings, emotion, life turned upside-down. I was asking why why why and why...I was wishing she will be my girl that I am looking for. In fact, the answer was NO. It took me few days or a week to recover from my bitterness. Though I may not be the one. I will continue to look after her and will be there anytime to provide her needs and care. I would to be the backstage support or other people may call it "guardian angel" to protect her as long as I could. Will not hope for anything to happen but may God's will be done. If we are meant to be together then we will no matter how,what and when.

p/s: seriously the every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Comfort #2

God has not failed you. Through every human indicator may suggest that God is absent from your situation the reality is far from it. The problem is that the full panorama has yet to be seen your complete situation still hasn't been unvieled. Why has God allowed these trials to come into your life ? Its not because he is letting you down rather he is teaching you that he makes all your circumstances work together for your good even the waiting. So dont fret. Hang on to him as tightly as you can trust that he is working out something important. Because when you see what he sees, you are going to love the picture.

God, we know you wont ever let us down. Help us hang on until we can see your answer to our prayers. We know you are faithfully . Amen.

To you a thousand years is like the passing of a day or like a few hours in the night , Psalm 90:4

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


God has not allowed one of yr tears to drop to the ground. He caught them all and made them into something beautiful. By all that you have been through, you have been uniquely trained to comfort those who are going through the same thing. You know what it is to hurt as they hurt, fear as they fear and yearn as they yearn. You can show them how to survive and be comforted as you hv been comforted. The tears of yr biggest hurts hv been resoundingly transformed into yr most amazing opportunity for ministry. So today praise God for helping you overcome your trials and console others with the wisdom you hv received.

God, we praise you for turning our biggest defeats into our greatest victories. Thank you for yr marvelous comfort, help us to share it with others. Amen.

They who sow in tears shall reap in joy and singing. Psalm 126:5

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I know who holds tomorrow

I don't know about tomorrow; 
I just live from day to day. 
I don't borrow from its sunshine 
For its skies may turn to grey. 
I don't worry o'er the future, 
For I know what Jesus said. 
And today I'll walk beside Him, 
For He knows what is ahead. 
Many things about tomorrow 
I don't seem to understand 
But I know who holds tomorrow 
And I know who holds my hand. 
Every step is getting brighter 
As the golden stairs I climb; 
Every burden's getting lighter, 
Every cloud is silver-lined. 
There the sun is always shining, 
There no tear will dim the eye; 
At the ending of the rainbow 
Where the mountains touch the sky. 
Many things about tomorrow 
I don't seem to understand 
But I know who holds tomorrow 
And I know who holds my hand. 
I don't know about tomorrow; 
It may bring me poverty. 
But the one who feeds the sparrow, 
Is the one who stands by me. 
And the path that is my portion 
May be through the flame or flood; 
But His presence goes before me 
And I'm covered with His blood. 
Many things about tomorrow 
I don't seem to understand 
But I know who holds tomorrow 
And I know who holds my hand...

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Marriage Prayer by John Waller

Verse 1:
Father, I said till death do us part
I want to mean it with all of my heart
Help me to love You more than I love her
Then I know I can love her more
Than anyone else

And bring her in Your presence today
Make her what You want her to be

I pray to hear her heart
I pray she'll love You more
I pray to cherish and serve her
And we'll bring You glory today, I pray

Verse 2 
Father, I said till death do us part
I want to mean it with all of my heart
Help me to love You more than I love him
Then I know I can love him more
Than anyone else

And bring him in Your presence today
Make him what You want him to be

Lord, help me love her
As You love the church, Your bride
Help me submit to him
As I submit to You, my life

Sunday, April 28, 2013

ini kalilah!ubah!

I don't consider myself a person who is strongly involve in politics. In fact, I have my own stand and expectations of how a good governance should be in the administration. From my view point as business and accounting graduate, we RAKYAT are the major shareholders of the country. Not only the present citizens but their future, their next generations are the shareholders of the country. We elect directors (government) to help us to run the country in bringing benefits to us. A good governance has to be transparent in the first place. They are accountable to each and everyone of us here as citizen the warganegara Malaysia. There are so many injustice in the country, abused of power, corruptions, crimes, and many more. As rakyat Malaysia, I have a right and everyone who is genuine warganegara Malaysia have right to change the directors and elect new one to be in office to help us for a better future. We don't want to have rubbish and dirt in this country by giving the rakyat illogical answers. I want to prevent crime to happen not to reduce crime! See the difference? If I elect you to be member of parliament, you would to implement a policy where the whole town is monitored by the CCTV and when crime happen you "tangkap dia". Are you bullshiting or what? I want to have a member of parliament to implement policy to prevent crime not wait things to happen only tangkap! Therefore, I decided to change and wanting to have a better future for the country and for the rakyat! This is only to give a peace and harmony to the country when the rakyat are living happily without worries! Well of course, no one is perfect in this world but hope for a better. I again say, I'm not hoping for a perfect but for a better! Ini kalilah!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

As Christians, we’re on a first-name basis with the One who is in charge of our world (John 10:3). This truth can increase our faith. When we need help, we can send Jesus a message that begins like this: Just say the word from where You are.