Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008


词: 黑夜
曲: 苏奕铨 / 林思彤



它带走欢笑 也带走幸福
只有爱 让我们坚强

爱无极限 爱已经跨越时空
在这夜里 我感受到你付出的爱
再多艰苦 再多辛苦 我都不放弃

爱无极限 爱已经拥抱著我们
在这时刻 我感受到你所有的爱
只要相信 只要坚信 谁都不放弃


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't ever JUDGE a book by its cover! or quickly make judgement without knowing or experience anything!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today not that boring. At least got something on for me to kill my time. Walked around in KL under the hot burning sun. Well at the end of it, the sky turned to gray again..sleeppy now..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday - 15/12/2008

A boring holiday. I can't find anything to do to kill my time. Went to college for awhile just to sign the PTPTN final agreement and went home with my stomach empty. So decided to eat Twiggies and also Char Siu Pao, basically that's what I had for my lunch. My afternoon really past slow and I wished to be another day. Look out from the window, what I saw was just sky in gray. Sounds sad isn't it?

rEwInd <<<

Camp - 11/12 til 13/12

Very tired and so do others. Out of nowhere, there's a campsite in the middle of oil palm estate. Want to sneak out in the middle of night pun susah plus no street lights. Sneak out also no use because there is no shop around there also. Don't know how many miles to get out from that place only got shops and housings. Well, why do I want to sneak out wei. Haha.. Miss the dogs there. Freezing cold in the meeting hall with 4 air-conds on 15-20 min before the meeting. What else? Oh yeah..my room fully installed hi-fi system with subwoofer playing ochestra in the middle of nights and was keep laughing. Hahaha.
The sky is so gray today...
I thought I'm the only feels it; in fact, everyone feels that too...

This is not friendship, this is more than chemistry
How my heart beats fast, and how I'm tripping every time you're next to me
With words, with songs, with flows it's still hard to describe
How this love is, it goes from east to west, as deep as it is wide
If words could fall like rain, from these lips of mine
With a thousand years, I will still run out of time

I'm sorry for crying, I'm sorry for holding on to you
Sorry I'm so sorry, sorry for sometimes making you mad
I'm sorry for all of my happiness and my smiles were turning to sad
Sorry for misunderstanding, Acting like you're a bid
I'm so sorry for being childish and turning into a little kid
Sorry for all the things that I've said, I'm sorry I ever did

The past just doesn't move on, you made the shape of my heart
You don't have to be with me, we could be apart
But before I fight my way trough this, I want you to know
I'll always be here waiting, so
Cause I don't want to be your memory and your past
I want to be your present and future that I know will last

Helene Jonsmyr