Tuesday, December 25, 2007

people nowadays are consumers.they're just demand as they want to.never ever think of the supply's perspective.sigh..

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"love's sweetest adventure is the one will share tomorrow"

a joker where he has nothing better to do just pinjam someone's spec to wear and SS Sendiri go and take photo of himself.the joker is me. =p
aiyo yo..back to college.good thing I went to college and register my 2nd semester if not RM300 penalty for late registration.and here is my time table.not bad lah.

Tuesday: Moral (9am-12pm)
Wednesday: Principles of Marketing (1pm-4pm)
Thursday: Introduction to Business (9am-12pm)
Friday: Business Communication (9am-12pm), Financial Accounting 2 (2pm-5pm)

it sounds like business theory more than accounting calculation. 5 subject for 4 months consider not bad.time to study hahaha...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

time really flies.so fast..
it's easy to pick it up but hoard to put it down
in the end i learned to put it down. it's not easy.
i felt so free but my heart hurt. is just a infatuation that will last short.
sometimes was just wondering why am i so stupid?
in the end it can be on the ground finally.
is my time to move forward to live my life in His fullest.
a night at sec 14 Petaling Jaya
(not bad huh)
anyone remember whose car is this?
it's David's car.why is it here?
kasi test main main.oh certified David's car
(found at sec 14 housing area where i parked my car too)
well my car..first time kena saman..adoi..
handsome leh..
taken in fitting room at FOS Jusco Bukit Tinggi
(i want that shirt RM49.90) btw I broke.hahaha