Sunday, November 28, 2010

cousin's wedding is coming..but my another cousin sister is not more jokes..what la tak ikhlas one she..cis!
this two girls are my friend from my Christian Fellowship in college.well I don't really attend CF due to the packed schedule that I have.well both of them are pretty!hahaha..too bad they are not my girlfriend.
well this picture was taken during the Sports Day an event organised by Fayette House (ADP Council) under SEGi College Subang Jaya. Being a president from Maths Club, I was called to open a stall selling food and water. In fact, we only sold mineral water due to the event been sponsored by 7-up revive so we can't sell 100plus. Basically there will be profit of RM90+ by selling off all the mineral water; however, we sold food as well (we made a loss for food) so we have to use the profit to cover the loss from the time no more selling food.

oh club recently organized an event "Maths Quiz". It was a 3 days event which was pretty successfully ran. But due to some technical error here and there, we received complains regarding the judges. Anyway, it was a good one from my committee who made this event a success.kudos!
pretty heh?no..she not the one that you people are thinking about. just a random post random picture to fulfill SOMEONE who asked me to update my blog (you know who you are =p).okay! let me tell you who is she..her name is cheong poh BFF!or so call god sister since same surname. I got to know her when I was in my first day of class in diploma. She was the one who approached me and called me "ivan"... She knows me because she my TARC friend's friend. What a small world right? both of us went trough a lot of things in terms of studies la..well glad to have her to be my friend. I think in college till today both of us are so called the closest one compare to other friends of mine in college XD

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ok..exam is like coming like the middle of January 2011 next year. Pray that everything will run smoothly and score high. In the midst of preparing but still the engine a little old to work on it.hahaha..after exam (holiday) gonna spend my days nicely la..