Friday, January 17, 2014

So I was admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever for 6 days. First day in hospital was kinda active walking here and there like a vacation and I even treat it as camp. Didn't know Nelson was admitted as well in the same hospital with same sickness. So was walking here and there in the ward with visitors. The end of the day requested to change room. The second day  was kinda awful, energy all drained, got tired easily. The food was horrible too! I'm thankful to have friends that brought me outside food to filll my stomach. Everyday I was waiting for the blood test result in hopping my platelets count to be stable so that I'm able to discharge without any restrictions. Unfortunately, my blood count drop..drop..and drop.. Not as severe as Nelson till 64. In conclusion, it's not fun at all to stay in hospital. Why? Bored..expensive bill..tiring.. So had good rest at home after discharge from hospital before I get back to work.