Monday, June 15, 2009

this was found on my lecturer's desk.

annoyed by ring tones - the 'nothing gonna change my love for you' was one of the loudest ring tone by one of the lecturer. kind of annoying.

avoiding vila - vila is the head of exam unit, she's kind of annoying and busybody with things that tak berkenaan with her.

irregular break - rule imposed by management where staff are not allow to take irregular break during working hours.

waiting for lift - college lifts are always full and slow.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

by God's grace, 4 distinction and 1 credit.
my feeling: contended and so thankful to God for giving me the good result.
my aim: study harder as my current semester is not as same as previous semester and at the mean time to serve Him and follow His will.

Current semester: Business Finance, Intro to Taxation, Financial Accounting 4, Company Law and Corporate Audit. Super tough and challenging. The comment at this moment =p