Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A sudden thoughts

Things have changed over the past few months and time passed quickly just in the blink of an eye. I couldn't say much yet time has really taught me numerous and valuable insights. I fell and I got up just like a toddler learns how to walk. I can only thank God for all His grace and His mercy upon me each and every single day. I'm sure He allows bad things happen so that we human could cling on Him and depend on Him and believe that He is in control of everything. Well again is human's choice whether or not to believe. The old has past and new has come. I have already moved on but there's still a scar that I will never forget.

Here comes a new hope, which I wish can be blossomed and things could change 180 degree. A commitment where I need to take it very seriously for life. It may be too early to say or declare anything but am positive about it yet I hope is not a wrong boat/signal or whatever you call it. I would not miss the opportunity that God has given to me. Age and status does not matter to me but what matters to me is the other side of what other people would think? Often hear not to take into your heart whatever other people would say. Prolong doubts may causes both parties to hurt and get unnecessary thought. To clear the doubt is to be certain though we have always hear that life is uncertain and risks incur one or another. That is why, risk assessment and preparation and measurement must be carefully taken up before or even during the cause of doing any thing or in decision making.

Making a business decision may not as hard as making a life long decision. It all draws to God's will at the end of the day I would say. Now what is God's will? We often think that we need to have great faith to pray. I would say not really as my understanding and logic mindset that God can do everything and anything because He is Almighty. It is not whether God can or cannot, in fact He can! It is just whether He will do it or not is another story. Therefore, we need to have faith that God is able to bring you from one end to another end without you knowing. Yet it included some ingredients such as sadness, toughness, happiness, challenges, obstacles etc. With all these ingredients added into a raw meat, it gives a nice and tasty cooked meat at the end of the day. 

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